Who doesn’t want a man cave? Well this is what we’re up to with this modern flat located in a new block complex. The client wanted a dark, cozy place,so we managed to do so by choosing heavy dark colours and textures such as concrete,marble and stone, and combining them with wood and red brick.


In the main room we managed to separate the bedroom from the living area by adding a wooden rifle wich gives enough intimacy but at the same time lets the natural light coming in.


The entertainment area is unique, and that because the TV is mounted on an rail sliding system, designed to serve both areas, so when you want to move the cinema to the bed, you just slide to the left. The room doesn’t lack storage spaces, as we find plenty of space for all the clothes and daily stuff that a single gentleman needs!













The bathroom emanates masculinity, with the dark and heavy looking tile, combined with wood textured tiles and matte black fittings.


The kitchen and dining area are also in matte black furnishing, completed by red brick on the backsplash, texture that goes all the way up to the walls, for a more cozy look.