From the very beginning, the most difficult challenge with this flat was to incorporate all the features of an ordinary apartment, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, desk and storage area, all of that in just 24 square meters of space!


At first it seemed impossible, but after a little bit of struggle we managed to build a space that was succesfully implemented last year and includes all of the features mentioned above.















The main room incorporates the sleeping and living area, with plenty of storage spaces and a little desk. The space is completed with a small balcony that serves as dining area and leads to the kitchen.
The kitchen area includes all the necessary facilities, without compromising the space ergonomics.


We managed to lighten up this flat by choosing white as primary color, maintaining clean lines to the furniture and combining it with modern textures such as marble and natural wood. The matte black fitings make an excelent contrast with the white tiles used in bathroom and on the kitchen backsplash. The whole picture is completed by the plants and the light-pink painted wall, giving that cozy look that the female client wanted so much.